Wednesday, November 7, 2007


hey everybody. I haven't chatted in a while. Halloween was good. I went with my friends, and my brother got twice as much candy as me. huh, figures. I didn't care all that much though, I know it sounds weird, (my grandparents probably know) that I am an addict of candy, but lately i'm alright without it . haha. And I've got to give some props to the grammy. She told me I'd see results with the braces, which at first I didn't but I actually am now! It's really getting me excited because when I get them off it will look good, hopefully. I got these things called chains, that are supposed to bring my front teeth together, and it's actually working! I can see a huge difference even though these chains hurt more than ever. Basketball tryouts are Monday.

YEA! Finally my sport arrives. Last week, I went with my friend to an all state traveling team called the Philly Belles practice. I scared me like never before. Probably because I had to practice with 14-15 year olds, and then this guy Mike Flinn that works for Nike gave me a motivational speech for 20 minutes out of the practice. After talking to that guy, truthfully, I was about to pass out . For some reason this guy was very intimidating. Ughh..well Thursday and Friday I'm off and Tuesday I was too. Good break right before bball. Tomorrow I'm going to this thing called Next Level Sports Academy to have an hour of basketball and an hour of strength training. Well, it's all good for me anyway I guess. I happy I'm finally getting into shape. Gotta Go, mom is saying something.... Good Luck Alex in school , and Carmen ofcourse .
LOve you all sooo mucho - bye

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